Lab Members

Note: If you are interested in joining our lab for a MSc project or traineeship, please contact us. 

Lab members:

  • Erno Hermans (Principal Investigator)
  • Linda de Voogd (Postdoc): Linda works on consolidation of emotional memory.
  • Maria Lojowska (PhD student, collaboration with Karin Roelofs): Maria works on the neurobiology of defensive behaviors such as freezing and fight-or-flight.
  • Savi Huan Wang (PhD student, collaboration with Benno Roozendaal / Robbert-Jan Verkes): Savi works on the endocannabinoid system and stress.
  • Martin Krentz (PhD student): Martin investigates the role of neuromodulatory systems in the acute stress response.
  • Rayyan Tutunji (PhD student): Rayyan studies stress reactivity in real life.
  • Judith van Leeuwen (PhD student, collaboration with UMC Utrecht): Judith investigates effects of acute stress on resting-state networks.
  • Deborah Peeters (PhD student, collaborations with Robbert-Jan Verkes and Judith Homberg): Deborah works on serotonin and impulsive aggression.
  • Sara Jackson (MSc student): Sara works on threat-related changes in perception.
  • Yannick Murray (MSc student): Yannick investigates contextualization of fear.
  • Ilaria Corti (MSc student): Ilaria works on real-life stress.
  • Hariharan Murali Mahadevan (MSc student): Hari is currently doing an extended lab rotation and will start his research project next year.


  • Peter Bos: Peter received his PhD in 2013 for a project on neuroendocrinology of social behavior and is now an assistant professor at Utrecht University. Peter uses functional MRI to investigate effects of hormone manipulations on the neural circuitry of social and affective behavior.
  • Marlieke van Kesteren: Marlieke’s work addresses the question how prior knowledge (“schema”) affects memory formation and consolidation. She successfully defended her thesis “Schemas in the brain: Influences of prior knowledge on learning, memory, and education” on March 21, 2013. She received a personal fellowship (Rubicon) for a Postdoc at Stanford and is currently at VU Amsterdam.
  • Shaozheng Qin: successfully defended his thesis entitled “Adaptive memory: Imaging medial temporal and prefrontal memory systems” on November 11, 2010. Shaozheng is currently a postdoctoral fellow at Stanford.
  • Lindsey Ossewaarde: successfully defended her thesis entitled “The mood cycle: hormonal influences on the female brain” on April 14, 2011.
  • Hein van Marle: successfully defended his thesis entitled “The amygdala on alert: A neuroimaging investigation into amygdala function during acute stress and its aftermath” on September 19, 2011. Hein received a VENI fellowship for his current research at the psychiatry department at the AMC in Amsterdam.
  • Past PhD, MSc students and RAs: Lotte Hilberdink (2016), Hanjian Xu (2016), Anouk van der Heide (2016), Christina Young (2015), Ramona Barte (2015), Jonathan Kanen (2014, 2011), Yannick Murray (2014), Silvy Collin (2013), Vincent Schoots (2009), Krissie Derckx (2009), Thijs van de Laar (2008), Marlieke van Kesteren (2008), Marloes Henckens (2007), Nynke Gecks (2006), Wanda Kok (2004), Guido van Wingen (2003).



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